'Al-Tahira', la Pure
Je ne suis pas le fleuve,  mais le fleuve me traverse sans cesse



Tahira is a Nubian princess:

A velvet night alight with stars.

However sweet, smart, witty, caring,

If she walks by the men are staring,

Relishing her chanting flesh

As who she is might be on Mars.


                                                                                                          Copyright by

                                                                                                   Nicholas Gordon

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By Van Lam Nguyen Alpha List





No study of Islam is complete without aquainting oneself with the woman who played the most important role in the life of the Prophet. This amazing woman was Khadija, the wife of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Khadija was known during her time as 'Al-Tahira', the pure one, and 'Ameerat Quraysh', Princess of Quraysh. Khadija is known to be one of the four most perfect women of all time. The Prophet said: "The best women in all the world are four: the Virgin Mary, Aasiyaa the wife of Pharoah, Khadijah Mother of the Believers, and Fatimah, daughter of Muhammad."

Khadija al-Kubra daughter of Khuwaylid ibn Asad ibn Abdul-`Uzza ibn Qusayy was from the Banu Hashim clan of the tribe of Banu Asad. Khadija stands out in Islamic history not only for her loving support for her husband, but because her very existence continues to defy popular perceptions of women’s roles in Islam. She was not a woman who was oppressed, submissive, or subjugated. On the contrary, in her day she was a successful businesswoman, who achieved her wealth by hiring agents whom she entrusted to travel with her caravan and trade on her behalf. In fact, Khadija's caravan equaled the caravans of all other traders of the people of Quraysh combined.

Khadija was a kind-hearted, giving woman known to frequently assist the poor and needy, assist relatives financially, and those who could not afford marriage. It was in 595 A.D. that Khadija began enquiring about employing an agent to travel to Syria for trade. A relative, Abu Talib, recommended that she employ her distant relative Muhammad ibn Abdullah (pbuh). At that time, Muhammad (pbuh) was known throughout as 'Al-Amin', the trustworthy. Khadija met Muhammad (pbuh) when she was a widow and it was through their work arrangement that Khadija came to know Muhammad (pbuh) and became so impressed by his honesty and sincerity that she offered her hand in marriage. Khadija was 40 years old and Muhammad (pbuh) was 25.

In 610 A.D., at the age of 40, Muhammad (pbuh) received his first revelation from the Angel Gabriel in a cave at Mt. Hira and was given instructions on his prophethood. His wife Khadija was to become the first woman to convert to Islam. Khadija was the love of Prophet Muhammad’s life and his strongest supporter and confidante. She gave him 6 children: Al-Qaasim, 'Abdullah, Zaynab, Ruqayyah, Um Kulthoom, and Fatimah. After 24 years of marriage, Khadija died from a high fever during the month of Ramadan at the age of sixty-five.



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